The STUDIO DELL’ARCHITETTO MATTEO PICCHIO is made of two separate branches: Architecture and Yacht Design. Each branch employs specifically skilled and experienced designers. All projects in each branch are personally developed by Matteo Picchio and implemented by his qualified staff; Matteo Picchio’s job is to make the dreams of his clients come true, by personally making sure that all the original objectives are reached and by proposing new concepts as solutions to new needs emerged from Matteo’s interpretation of the customer’s own ideas. Our approach to new projects is both “Architectural” and “Artisanal”. Our Architectural approach is looking at Architecture as a special form of art, the only one that gives functionality the importance it deserves, as it is usually taken into little consideration by other forms of art. We organize our analysis with a multi-disciplinary approach, combining stylistic, technical, perceptual and functional variables into the synthesis of our projects. Our “Artisanal” approach, allows us to shape the project around our client’s specific objectives, in many phases of the decisional process, Matteo is working side by side with the client to define the general frame of the project, also choosing the style, and setting up the organization and logistics for the future construction work. Once the project starts its own life, Matteo becomes the sole interface between his client and all the professionals, the elements and technical staff that implement the project, actually managing the construction workshop and guaranteeing the compliance to the formerly programmed schedules and costs.



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