Apartment “Magnolia” – Dagnente

Apartment “Magnolia“, about Villa “La Serena”:

Villa “La Serena” is located in Dagnente, district of Arona (NO), at 55, via Verbano.

The residence was built at the end of 1600 in the south of Dagnente  on the top of the highest hill of the area, which is now the park sourrounding the house. In 1600 there was only a small part of the building, that was gradually erected till it was finished at the end of XVII century when it became the villa that we can see nowadays.

More recently it was bought at the beginnining of world war II in order to become the home of the owners, who were evacuated from the city. After the conflict it was used for summer holidays and for family parties; untill fifteen years ago when the owner’s nephews decided to restructure the villa, dividing it in some apartments.

The garden, which mantains the original layout, houses the most majestic cedar tree of the Lake Maggiore.

The edifice currently has the legal status of condominium and it is made up of nine apartments, each one owns the garden divided in millesimal part.